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Meridian Geochemistry provides professional and portable laboratory-standard XRF and NIR testing at drill sites across Europe the Middle East and Africa.
Our cost-effective, non-destructive, testing reduces or even eliminates the need for laboratory assay.

In collaboration with our partners, Tactical Environmental Response, Meridian Geochemistry offers portable laboratory standard XRF and NIR testing at the drill site.

This service offers reduced laboratory costs and certified geochemical results acceptable under NI43-101 and JORC.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced or eliminated need for laboratory assay.
  • Non-destructive testing. Samples can be sent for conventional assay later if required.
  • 81 element analytical range including lanthanide series.
  • Fast, efficient and repeatable results.
  • Excellent detection limits and range of elements including pseudo elements (oxides).
  • Niton FXL 959 GOLDD+ XRF mining analyser.
  • Niton XL3T 950 GOLDD+ XRF analyser.
  • TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier full range NIR analyser.
  • All XRF analysers equipped with Helium purging for RRE analysis.
  • Field tamper proof preparation to laboratory standards.
  • Calibrated to world standards including NIST, CCRMP and Rocklabs, New Zealand.
  • Geocached sampling direct input into GIS software.

Meridian Exploration Services do not share, distribute or collect your personal data.